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As DBS (SGX:D05) is the most popular stock in StocksCafe, I thought that it deserves a dedicated post to share how to handle the Bonus Shares issuance that happened today (i.e. ExDate is 22 April 2024).

What happened?

DBS is giving out 1 new share for every 10 shares that you are holding (see announcement).

What do I need to do?

We have already created an event to help you handle this. All you need to do is to accept the event on this page.

When you accept the event, two things will happen:

  1. A BUY transaction dated 30 April 2024 at price SGD 36.41 with 1 share for every 10 shares of DBS that you are currently holding. (Why SGD 36.41? It is because that is the close price before the ExDate of 22 April 2024)
  2. Then to “balance” the BUY transaction (since you did not actually paid any money) we will create a scrip dividends of equal value. i.e. dividend amount of SGD 3.641.

We believe this is better than the alternative of creating a BUY transaction of price SGD 0 because nothing is “free” in our opinion. However, if you prefer to do so, you can simply click “Ignore” on this page, and manually create a BUY transaction of price SGD 0 yourself.

Happy investing!


  • I tried your suggested way to update the DBS bonus shares. But I didnt like it. How to undo it please?

    • Ok i figured it out. I accepted the change, then Ignored it but transactions were still there. I went back and deleted the Ignore. then Ignore again which cleared it up.

  • My understanding is as a DBS share holders, we can choose to do nothing at this point of time…this is the post from other forum “You just need to remember that bonus shares are free and you do not need to take any action….”.

    Your post seems to mean shareholder need to take some action?? I found it rather “mis-leading’ from my point of view

    • Oh.. Yes, you do not need to do anything to receive the bonus shares. What I meant is about how to account for it in StocksCafe. There are two ways to account for it.

      1) Assume that it is “free” hence you create a BUY transaction with price = 0.

      2) Assume that it is kinda like a dividend and create a BUY transaction with price = 36.41 and also a dividend SGD 3.641. I personally like this better hence created an event to “automate” this for users. However, the above is also “correct” if you prefer.

  • Hi Evan,
    I have accepted my DBS bonus share event but I found the average price of purchase and total cost of DBS have been increased/adjusted. The cost of purchase of the bonus share should be 0 right since this is bonus share given by DBS, it should not increase the overall DBS cost purchase as well as the average share price purchase. Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

    • Hi there,

      If you prefer to treat it as a “free” bonus shares, you should ignore the event instead. You can still do so by deleting the acceptance and then ignore it. The event is handling it as a “dividend” that is used to buy the bonus shares.


      ps: But I can totally see why people prefer it to be “free”.

Evan Koh



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