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Approximately a year ago, we introduced the Events feature, which greatly simplified the management of events, particularly stock splits. When you accept a pending event, the system automatically generates transactions for you to effortlessly handle the stock split. This means that buy and sell transactions are automatically created with the accurate number of shares and corresponding pricing.

Beyond Stock Split

StocksCafe’s upstream data provider does not handle M&A and ticker change events well. M&A events are often more complex and require additional understanding to properly handle. For example, during the recent M&A of Sembcorp Marine and Keppel Offshore & Marine, Evan had to understand the situation and create an event for users to easily handle it.

There are a few other example like this and the limitation with this is that they depends on Evan which is clearly not a great idea. Then a user suggest to allow the community to propose an event and have the admin check and accept it. Of course, even after admin accepted it, each user still have the choice to accept or ignore the event.

We believe that is a great suggestion hence we went on to implement the ability for anyone to propose an event.

How do I go about proposing an event?

  1. Start with checking the event listing page and proposed events to ensure that it is not already there.
  2. Next, start a forum thread to propose and discuss what you think is the right way to handle it. Please provide official announcements and your interpretation of it to facilitate this process.
  3. Finally, once at least one other user or admin agrees on the proposal, please go ahead and create the event.

Thank you for contributing to StocksCafe community!


  • Question: But I do not know what is the correct way to handle an event.
  • Answer: Let’s learn together. Start a forum thread with the official announcements detailing what is going to happen and simply propose how you believe it should be handled. You can look at some of the past examples (M&A of Keppel and Sembcorp, Delisting of Yamana Gold, CapitalandInvest distributing CapitaLand Ascott Trust stocks as dividends)
  • Question: Why can’t StocksCafe fully handle all events automatically?
    Answer: We would love to but despite us paying upwards of U$30K in data licensing, they are still not guaranteed to be 100% correct and complete, hence we need your help in proposing and checking them.

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