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One Click To Handle Stock Splits


Recently, several popular US companies have underwent or will be having stock splits (e.g. AMZN, GOOG, SHOP). How to handle stock splits In StocksCafe, the “correct” way to handle stock splits are to simply create two transactions on the split date. Example: Amazon recently had a stock split on 6 June 2022 of 1:20. Let’s assume you have 1 share of Amazon bought at $2,500 on 1 June...

A Piece of Cake


A slice of Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake contains 1,679 calories and 51 teaspoons of sugar, and even though it sounds (and is!) unhealthy, most of us would just consume it without much thought. What if we could “project” the impact of the chocolate cake on your overall health before your consumption? For example, what your fat percentage, arteries, or waistline would look like if you ate that...

Black Swan – To Sell, Hold, or Buy More?


This article is written by Liyang, one of StocksCafe’s users, and also the owner of The Sloth Investor. Black swans in the stock market are sudden, awful, unpredictable and extremely rare. The Covid-19 pandemic and Russia-Ukraine War are two good recent examples. Overnight, the stock prices fell tremendously. It’s only human to react strongly to these perceived threats, and many...

Another Delighted Customer


We could never thank enough the many supportive users who have been with StocksCafe for years. Zi Chao is one of them. He started using StocksCafe since 2016. Let’s hear what he has to say about StocksCafe: “My first foray into finance started relatively early, when my parents were trying to trade the market using the teletext channel on TV (the pre-internet days of seeing stock price...

StocksCafe’s Social Media


First of all, we are glad to announce that StocksCafe family is expanding. We now have a dedicated person who will be managing StocksCafe’s Social Media going forward. Please join me in welcoming Yvonne Law! She will be focusing on using 3 main channels: YouTubeFacebookInstagram YouTube will mostly be about video tutorials sharing what cool things you can achieve with StocksCafe. Facebook...

Tracking Dividends


When I speak to people these days, I get a strong sense of uncertainty about the markets and in particular stocks. I don’t blame them. If you watch or read any financial news, you are bombarded with news that would make you question your decision to own stocks. Despite these, dividends are an ideal source of income for multiple reasons. Studies show that people with multiple sources of...

[MUST READ] For Those Who Track Crypto in StocksCafe


TLDR; StocksCafe is migrating to CoinGecko as our upstream cryptocurrencies data provider. How to migrate If you only hold popular cryptocurrencies (>5 followers in StocksCafe), then the migration is already done for you. You simply have to check if everything looks ok. That is, everything is in exchange CG (prefix CG:) and nothing is in exchange CC (prefix CC:). Please let me know if anything is...

Upcoming Changes to StocksCafe


Thank you once again to everyone who participated in the recent survey. There are so much that we learnt through this survey and we will slowly but surely incorporate most if not all of the learnings. Key Learnings: 1. many of StockCafe’s features are not used Essentially, most users only love/use the Portfolio Management feature and everything else can be a distraction. So, we will...

Results of the survey


A big THANK YOU to all 236 users who responded to the survey. As a token of appreciation, we have increased the number of lucky draw winners to 12 so that you have about 5% chance of winning 🙂 The following are the 12 lucky draw winners. Congratulations!1. mi**se2. mi**yj3. ar**al4. re**gs5. lk**es6. wx**857. fl**je8. ta**ng9. fo**6710. we**ju11. ye**ee12. qi**93 All winners have already been...

Do A survey and win!


Not sure about you, but I was not one of the 8 winners for yesterday’s $19.4 Million Toto 🙁 If you did not win too, here is another chance! Simply take a few minutes to do a survey for StocksCafe and you can be one of the 10 lucky winners for 3 months of Global Friends of StocksCafe! Yes, we have increased the number of winners from 3 to 10 to increase your chances. With 116 responders so...

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