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Welcome to the Dark Side!


Many users have been requesting for StocksCafe to join the Dark side 🙂 That is, to make Dark mode an option. As always, we do our best to meet users’ requests as long as it is within our means, especially if many requested for it. Today, we are happy to share that you can now choose between the Light and Dark color schemes. As this is our first iteration for the Dark color scheme, please...

StocksCafe Now Offers Singapore-Only Plans!


StocksCafe first started as SGXCafe in 2015 as we only supported SGX then. Over time, more exchanges were added as requested by users. However, some users started sharing that they only needed SGX and prefer not to purchase a plan that included everything. It took a while to work out and make the changes, but today – on National Day – we are happy to announce a new plan that is solely...

Saxo & Tiger Collaborations


When I first started StocksCafe more than 5 years ago, my intention was to share it freely. However, there are costs to keep a site like StocksCafe running, of which the biggest expense is data licensing, which easily runs north of 5 digits annually. Due to this, I started charging a small fee for usage. However, I understand that nothing beats being free. So I started searching for different...

Screener Updates


It’s been more than a month since I shared updates about StocksCafe. Looking back at the tickets completed in May, many of them revolve around the improvement of Screener. 1) New simple preset screeners If you are new to using screeners in StocksCafe, we have added a few simple preset screeners for you to start with. When you are ready to dive deeper, you can also change the conditions to...

You Can Now Track Cryptocurrencies With StocksCafe As Well!


For those who are not trading cryptocurrencies, you can skip this article. Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to invest/trade in cryptocurrencies. This is just to share that if you are, StocksCafe now supports it as well. Many users have shared that they would want to track CryptoCurrencies in StocksCafe (see ticket). So over the weekend, I spent some time working on adding CryptoCurrencies...

Start Tracking Your Options Trades with StocksCafe!


For those who are not trading options, you can skip this article. Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to do options trading. Just sharing that if you are, StocksCafe now supports it as well. Over the years, there have been various requests for StocksCafe to support Options trading, and I know that some users use the “Other Assets” feature to track options. Over the last few days...

My first public appearance representing StocksCafe!


By now, you might have heard about the Seedly Personal Finance Festival 2021 that will be taking place virtually on 10 April. There is an impressive lineup of speakers, which includes heavyweights like Catherine Wood and Jamus Lim, representatives from many popular blogs/websites and *ahem* your very own Evan Koh 🙂 Even though StocksCafe has been around since 2015, this is the first time I will...

New data provider for US and London + New Twitter Account


New Data Provider for US and London If you do not own US or London stocks, feel free to skip this part. One of the limitations of StocksCafe is getting quality data at a reasonable price. While StocksCafe would love to support all exchanges and display all sorts of financial information, obtaining quality data and properly licensing them with a limited budget is extremely challenging. Therefore...

New Pricing for 2021


New Pricing StocksCafe will be revising its pricing from 1 Jan 2021. It will be SGD 5.5 / 45 / 115 for monthly / yearly / 3 years respectively. So if you are still considering whether or not to become a Friend of StocksCafe, this is your chance to get it before the price increase! Rationale Time flies. The annual price of SGD 39 was introduced 3 years ago on 1 Jan 2018. Back then, StocksCafe...

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